Shipwreck Tours
Adventurous kids first discover the shipwreck with a digital depth sounder, then the ROV goes down to see every little detail.

An extremely unique experience. Explore and discover the incredibly well-preserved wooden shipwrecks from the 1800's that lay on the bottom of Burlington Bay - without getting wet. You stay topsides while we send our ROV - remotely controlled-robotic camera down into Lake Champlain. The ROV sends video back up to a large screen onboard the boat. This is an interactive experience and one that can be enjoyed by three generations at once.

We focus on the canal schooners General Butler and OJ Walker, both just offshore of the Burlington Breakwater. We are also available for shipwreck expeditions throughout Lake Champlain.

Ships and Shipwrecks - the full experience. A partnership with Stormboarding and the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum

This adventure features goes a step beyond the shipwreck tour to also include a tour onboard the Lois McClure, the Maritime Museum's canal schooner replica. The McClure is a working replica of the 1862-class canal schooner. During the tour, you will walk through the cargo hold, forecastle and main deck of the vessel while learning about the types of cargo carried, crew living conditions, roles of children, hazards and towing and sailing operations.

You will spend approximately 1 hour on Stormboarding's boat seeing a wreck with the ROV and one hour onboard the Lois McClure (at the dock). Though this workshop is technically over for the summer, we can still accommodate groups of 6-12 who are interested in this unique experience. Please contact Stormboarding or the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum to talk about possible dates. We will operate through October.

The old...The bow and achor of the canal schooner OJ Walker - only the start of the surprises this well-preserved wreck has in store.
And the new...The Lois McClure at sail in Burlington Bay. Step aboard this canal schooner replica and see the moving parts of what you have discovered at the bottom of the Lake.
The Burlington Free Press featured the Ships & Shipwrecks Workshop in a great article by Candy Page. Click on the photo to see the article.

For more information, to book a lesson/camp or order gear, please call Stormboarding at 802.951-2586 or e-mail: [email protected]

Burlington, VT