Lyne LLC - Underwater Inspection Services
  • Water Tank Inspections
  • Dam, lock, culvert and pipe inspections
  • Underwater survey work
  • Search and Rescue


State of the art inspection equipment


        VideoRay remotely operated vehicle (ROV). This is the smallest commercial-grade ROV available and is depth rated to 250�. The small size and long tether allow us to access and inspect spaces that are too small, deep or dangerous for divers. The ROV system weighs 40 lbs in 2 cases and transmits high quality digital video to it�s own 5� LCD screen, a remote screen (TV) and/or video recording device making remote land-based sites accessible.

        26� Center-console powerboat: this is fitted with a 12� sunlight-readable LCD screen allowing inspections on large bodies of water. The boat also is equipped with the latest Raymarine digital sonar which makes finding pipes and underwater features quicker and easier than other means.


Lyne LLC�s ROV operators are experienced, skilled and licensed US Coast Guard Captains. All of the equipment is modern and well maintained. Your inspection or survey can be put onto VHS, miniDV or CD for future viewing. We are based in Burlington, VT but will travel throughout Vermont, New England and Upstate New York.
The onboard screen and ROV control box
The OJ Walker. This still photo taken from the ROV's digital video.
VideoRay flying through the water
The VideoRay system - portable to access remote areas

For more information, to book a lesson/camp or order gear, please call Stormboarding at 802.951-2586 or e-mail: [email protected]

Burlington, VT