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Stormboarding students take 10% off a kite purchase after your lesson. All kite sales are accompanied by a free set-up/first go lesson for locals and phone support for those far away. We also will keep everyone updated on tips. tricks and changes that develop to optimize your equipment and get you riding smoother, faster and jumping higher with more style.

Windsurfing gear: Stormboarding is your source in Vermont for windsurfing boards, sails and accessories from Starboard, AHD, Gaastra, Fiberspar, Chinook and Dakine. Call us to talk about what you need to get out and ripping around. 802.951.2586

Stormboarding t's now available in red or white. Represent your local kite and adventure school and they are a great conversation starter (most people think Stormboarding is a sport unto itself)...$15

Peter Lynn kites: Stability, float, ease of use and FUN

The most stable kites we have seen, the Peter Lynn Bomba is the kite of choice for our school and for your fun once you have the basic skills and are ready to rip it up on your own. We chose these kites especially for riding on Lake Champlain (or any area with less than steady breeze) because of their incredible stability.

These are twinskin, closed cell foil kites without bridles and are water-relaunchable - easily relaunchable! This makes them an excellent choice for a YEAR ROUND kite.

This year it is all about the VENOM. More performance, quick turns and solid feel plus the stability we love from Peter Lynn. Come out and have a demo. Last winter, we launched these kites on ice screws, sent them to neutral, walked back upwind, put on skis, transfered safety, then chicken loop and were off. Safe and easy.

Venom pricing. All prices are complete and ready to fly:
V8:   $1,085
V10: $1,190
V13: $1,320
V16: $1,455
V19: $1,610

Stormboarding also carries the Peter Lynn Guerilla and Phantom kites as well as the Bomba, call us for details as well as kite student and package discounts.

Venoms rock and are available. Stability and performance on the water and the snow.
Ozone Imp

Trainer Kites: the way to start

Stormboarding is pleased to offer the following Trainer Kites. These kites will not only be fun but will boost your skills quickly in a sport that is all about kite skills. You will have fun and save money by progressing faster in your lesson and will have a kite to share with your buddies while you are out riding.

Ozone Imp: small, under $100, fun
The imp is the most compact of the trainer kites at 1.7m. It flies on 2 lines and webbing straps (bar available as extra), is stable and extremely well made. There is enough grunt to learn where the power zone is yet is small enough to share with smaller members of the family (we taught a 5yr old to fly it)! $89 or $139 with bar.

GaastraTrainer 3m: first snowkite at great value
Great value for a first kite. The 3m, on hard pack and in breeze, will be your first snowkite to ride with and both kites will show you the way to power. It is a 2 line kite and come with bar, safety leash and bag. 3m: $215.

Ozone Samurai 2m/3m+: re-launch, power adjustment
The new Samurai is the top of the line in trainer kites and goes up the range in sizes (to 7.2m) as a great snow and landkite. It is a fixed 4 line kite which means that there is a re-launch/brake line making relaunch very easy and giving the pilot opporunity to adjust the power of the kite (though this is different to a chicken loop). The 3m has plenty of pull as a first/heavy air snowkite. 2m: $362 and 3m: $445

Ozone Samurai

Dakine Kite Harnesses

The ultimate in support, comfort and style. We carry the whole Dakine line of seat and waist harnesses but recommend the Fusion.

Dakine Fusion Kite Harness: $135
Dakine pivoting spreader bar: $35. standard spreader bar: $24

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