Summer Adventure Camps

Camps this summer were multi-sport, multi-adventure, multi-challenge and multi-task camps. Each day featured challenges that included surf kayaking, windsurfing, kitesurfing, paddling, exploring Lake Champlain Islands by foot, exploring shipwrecks and the lake bottom with a submersible ROV, flying the ROV, making underwater videos, solving navigation challenges and more. We mix Lake and maritime education in with the adventures to ensure a well-rounded experience involving both brain and body.

The photos on this page were all taken during the 2005 summer camp season. Thanks to all the campers for your great attitude and sense of fun and adventure.

Heading out for adventure
Paddling by Lone Rock Point, Burlington Bay
Swimming in 350 feet of water
We discover the wreck first with the digital depth sounder
then explore the wreck with the ROV which sends images up to the onboard screen
and teach the campers to fly the ROV themselves
Learning to windsurf
Sarah's funky beach sculpture
Going for a perfect belly flop
Swimming with the ROV
Shark view
Curtis, Griffin and Fisher fishes

Family Adventures

Jealous that your kids get to play with the ROV, learn to windsurf and explore the Lake without you? Get the family together, invite some friends and work with Stormboarding to create a custom morning, afternoon or day of adventure and exploration.

2.5 hour trips: $150 total for up to 6 people. All recreation and safety equipment provided. See our Adventure Trips page for a list of activities that are possible.

Call or e-mail to book a lesson, camp or adventure trip:   
802.951.2586   [email protected]
Burlington, VT